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That +1 figures are getting too big to ignore is part of the problem. ITV's figures are being boosted by maybe 5% or more through aggregation and it is distorting the true picture in the battle with BBC1. The playing field is getting ever more unlevel.

I don't understand why it is easier to post aggregate figures than separate because you have to go to the trouble of adding them up if you post "ITV Total" figures.
Nah, my source does that bit for me. To post them separately would involve doing everything twice using two separate datasheets for each commercial channel. And that's a ballache. So I won't be doing it.

I'm not the only person who does the roundups though and others may choose to do it in a different more crowd-pleasing way. But spending an hour plus typing out the numbers doesn't sound very appealing to me so I'll stick to my method on the days I'm here to do it.

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