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True. Itv has had three returning hits: Downton abbey, whitechapel and Scott and Bailey as well as middling crime shows like Law and order and Inspector banks. Thats not many proper returning hit shows in the space of five years. Last year none of their new dramas rated well. BBC's Ben Stephenson in less time has found: Sherlock, Call the Midwife, Luther, Last Tango in Halifax, Death in Paradise, The Paradise, Silk which is not only more shows but a wider range of genres.
You're overlooking the depth of the problems ITV drama had though. It wasn't simply an inability to successfully launch new drama it was that the brand went through a years long process of being contaminated by a slew of terrible shows. The reason people speak of revival or renaissance of ITV drama is because most (admittedly not all) of their new drama content is now at least watchable and often times much better than that. With the obvious exception of Eternal Law most of ITV's drama content of the past couple of years has ranged from good to excellent and its from that platform that you can build sustainable and returnable drama.
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