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I agree. This +1 argument is getting stupid. Dancc has spent his time posting ratings for us when he could have been doing something else. Why can't we just be grateful having some ratings.

Thank you to you, Dancc and the other posters who post the ratings for us. At least i'm grateful.
We are all grateful. That issue has never been disputed. The +1 argument may be tiresome, but whilst some insist it is right to lump +1 figures onto the main channels figures to inflate the main channel, there will be others who dispute this practice. Until the day arrives where ratings are listed differentially, then the argument will continue. After all, everyone who debates on these threads believe themselves to be right. No amount of agreeing/disagreeing will change that.

But, I agree. Those who do post ratings should be applauded. This would be a dull and pointless thread without them.
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