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On the subject of Monday nights figures here in the UK.

Another mostly strong night for BBC1. Obviously the noticeable story there is the seeming stupidity of having Bake-Off clash with Miranda. A move made more stupid by the fact that it could seemingly have been avoid by either delaying Bake-Off for a few weeks (do we really need a comic relief special this early in the year?) or just scheduling it at 8PM. That half hour junction was an odd place to put it.

Sticking with BBC1 for a moment Blandings doing surprisingly well with a late night repeat.

On ITV Coronation Street produced the goods and Lewis continues to hold its own at 9PM. I know it hasn't been universally popular but the move to split this run into one hour two-parters has worked very well for them. I wonder how well it might have worked if they'd planned it ahead of time and the episodes were most obviously structured as hour longs. Might be something to look into if they get future runs.

So could anyone else.

I am not complaining about how those who post figures do so. I am commenting on the "what is your problem with +1 being added" comments. Those who like this and those who don't. Both sides are right, at least in their opinion.
And my point would be that its an incredibly tedious debate that just goes around in an endless circle. If someone doesn't like the numbers that have been posted because they do or don't include +1 they're perfectly capable of posting the numbers including or excluding +1 themselves rather than once again entering into (or encouraging) a tedious circular debate that goes nowhere and resolves nothing.

Lets all move on with our lives and stop getting hung up on channel x beat channel y narratives which appears to be all this stupid +1 debate is actually about.
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