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Years ago I saw Roy Hattersley (Labour MP) standing alone on a platform at New street staton looking as though he was overseeing his estate. Everybody was veering around him with about 15 feet to spare.
Saw Paul Mccartney 3 days in a row when he was at the High Court for his divorce hearing. I'm a huge fan and waited to see him (not expecting him to acknowledge us). We were stood at a private bit away from the press. Each morning he made eye contact and said a cheery "Good morning". He didn't have to do that as we were just standing there gawping at him. Shows he's a polite person in my book. (I'm a HUGE fan so it made my year!)
Well I've no personal experience of either of these but I do know someone who lives not far from Roy and he says he's a nice bloke who always stops and chats for a while. Might help that my friend is a leftie though! And another friend has a daughter who was at school with Pauls youngest and saw both Paul and Heather (post divorce) regularly on the school run. Both were friendly with no airs and graces.
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