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My life is perfectly fine! And, ratings in general are competitively discussed. Otherwise what's the point? I won't go into why +1 figures are debated vigorously as everyone by now knows the arguments from both sides. But if one channel didn't win over another channel then these ratings threads would be very tedious and we'd still be on part 1.
I'm not sure that's an entirely bad thing. Although I don't completely agree with the assessment either. Obviously there's always some degree of appeal to the BBC1 beat ITV (or vice versa) line of analysis but it reaches extreme and often times stupid levels. In the grand scheme of things its fairly meaningless thing for any show to win their timeslot. There are many more valuable (and interesting) analysis points to consider beyond which channel won the night or slot.

If we return to Sunday night's figures for a moment. It is for example meaningless whether Ripper Street or Mr Selfridge 'won' the 9PM slot. It just does not matter especially not on a night when Mr Selfridge lost in the region of a million viewers week-on-week and Ripper Street was up in the region of 400k week-on-week. Yet despite this some posters here got hung up on a debate about which show won the slot and whether +1 should be included and/or adverts stripped out to get the 'right winner'. Its such a meaningless debate when there are so many other data points to look at. The general state of drama on either channel for example or the ratings trend for both shows. This idea that Mr Selfridge's fate depends upon beating Ripper Street head-to-head just makes no sense.
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