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Corrie last went over 10m (exc +1) in the overnights on Monday 19 March 2012, at 20:30, with 10.62m (42.3%). This was the reveal of Frank's murderer . It consolidated to a little over 11m (exc +1).

EastEnders last achieved eight figures on Monday 2 January 2012, when Pat died (10.27m/36.6%). It also consolidated to over 11m.
Interesting - thanks for those.

At the moment, its TBA.

18:00 - BBC News
18:15 - TBA
19:00 - Britain's Brightest
20:00 - Lottery
This for 2nd February? Well, Secret Service was only meant for six episodes. Maybe Hammond should really stick to Top Gear - although I don't see what was wrong with Total Wipeout. Maybe it would have been less pressure for them when it comes to ratings if they scheduled it no later than 5pm on a Saturday.
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