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I'm not sure if people will be familiar with the celebrities who follow me but incase, they include:-

- Backstreet Boys (group account @backstreetboys & Howie (@Howied) & AJ (@skulleeroz))
- Donnie Wahlberg (@donniewahlberg) & Jordan Knight (@jordanknight) (from New Kids on the Block)
- JoJo Wright (famous KIIS FM DJ from LA) (@officialjojo)
- Rascal Flatts (group account @rascalflatts and Joe Don Rooney (@JoeDonRooney))
- Alex Band (@alex_band - an amazing singer! ex-lead singer of The Calling)
- Damage (@officialdamage)
- Cherry Suede (@cherrysuede)
- Boyz II Men (the group account @BoyzIIMen)
- Neyo (@NeYoCompound)
Huey Morgan also followed me at one point but I have a feeling I noticed later that he wasn't following me anymore... im not sure if the Boyz II Men group account or Neyo's one stills follow me or not either but they did. I think thats it.
Damage as in the band damage? they still going?
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