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Not trying to put words in your mouth.

It's very clear from a number of posts that the snotty Les Mis fans think everyone SHOULD know its all sung not just "it's a musical". It's blatantly obvious it's a musical.

The fact is that no matter how long its been around or how famous Les Mis is there will be people who will not know its all sung. FACT!
This film is being sold on a worldwide scale as a "Movie Musical" - the majority of movie musicals are NOT all sung. The majority are balanced with spoken word eg Sound of Music, West Side Story. In "recent" years the only other fully sung movie musical is Evita back in 1996.
So it's a fair assumption that a percentage of the audience will expect the more standard movie musical.

It's very arrogant of the likes of you to belittle people and "expect" them to know everything about Les Mis just because you do.

A few weeks ago on a TV quiz programme I sneered when a contestant had no idea who played Luke Skywalker. But the contestant himself said "I'm too young, it's before my time".
I thought to myself "absolutely, if its not something he's into then why would he know".
It's the same with not knowing Les Mis is fully sung. I only went to see it because my other half wanted to see it - should I have known it was fully sung? - No, because its not something I've been interested in.

If being a fan of Les Mis involves stepping up onto a very high horse then I'm happy to have not particularly enjoyed it.
Quite a lot of inverted snobbery being hurled out of that pram along with the toys, it would seem...
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