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I met Margaret Rutherford when I was a teenager. She was appearing at the Liverpool Playhouse with John Neville,Anna and Raymond Massey,Ralph Richardson. They were all charming and prepared to sign autogrpahs in the pouring rain for 2 sodden schoolgirls but Margaret came out last and insisted we went back inside the stage door with her as "You two little girls are getting soaked" She flung her tapestry wrap over her shoulder ( just like Miss Marple) and hugged us. What a gem!
Jimmy Tarbuck I met when he was very young comic when he had almost rock star status in Liverpool and he was lovely and patient with a gang of screaming girls. Ton O'Connor is another nice man.I've seen Steve Gerrrard a few times and he always seems to have time for his young fans allowing them to take photos.A member of my family has met him regualry and says he is always pleasant ( despite the rucus he was involved in a few years back) . Same member of the family has met Jordan ( say no more..tiny though) but said James Hewitt is truly a charmer and David Guest ( who another friend has met and agrees) may look weird but was absolutely lovely.
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