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Yup, I've had that very same problem with the size of the seats over the last 27 years. :ma

ps, whether it's because I was going through personal crisis when I saw Miss Saigon, or not, I've never loved it in the same way. I think it'd transfer to film brilliantly though. There's the epic evacuation of Saigon which would translate to a cinema audience, not to mention the wedding scene/fall of Saigon being filmed on location. The only raves I had for it, when I saw it, was the 18 year old Lea Salonga. I saw it a further couple of times and thought Jonathan Price wasn't as great as "The Engineer" as he thought he was
Miss Saigon will be difficult to cast but they'll have to go for an unknown for Kim, The Engineer's even harder as I can't think of many Asian actors who who could do that part justice and I doubt they'll get someone who isn't Asian or of Asian descent as that caused problems when they transferred the show to Broadway.

I think the live singing approach could work well with Miss Saigon like it did with Les Mis. Some of the closeups done in Les Mis would work we'll for some songs in Miss Saigon like Why God Why and The Movie in the Mind,
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