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Superb film. Best Tarantino since Pulp Fiction? CONTROVERSIAL thought but very possible I think.

Some words from me here, would love to know what people think:
Saw it last night, I didn't know the cut hand was genuine. I thought he looked a little distracted by it. Interesting.

Your blog is well written but i'd try and avoid lines like 'this side of the pond' etc. They're words that many people have written many times before. Its like there's a big book of lines that can be copied and pasted for film reviews by everyone.

Sometimes film reviewers try to be too clever, like they see and understand things others don't, it alienates the reader, makes them feel they're not as clever as you for not noticing.

I enjoy reading Roger Ebert's film reviews, he writes quite simplistically, just tells it like it is but it's refreshing. You sometimes finish reading his work not sure if he actually liked the film or not. A reviewer should review a film, we then decide if we want to see it.

You do write well, keep doing it!
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