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I knew someone a few years ago (I don't think it's right to say who without their permission) and they pointed out that from the moment they set foot outside their front door, to the moment they got home, people were recognising him, and how difficult it was to be permanantly cheerful and happy. He said sometimes he would just be lost in his own thoughts at the supermarket check out, doing what we all do, in terms of thinking of all the other things he still had to do, but because he wasn't grinning from ear to ear this counted as being miserable in the eyes of the checkout girl. I would imagine the novelty of being recognised when you want to be off duty soon wears off.

Absolutely spot on. We all have our "off" days and our "away" days as described above. You can't seriously deliver a verdict of "vile" on somebody on the basis of a single encounter - either your own or one you have heard repeated. The Jimmy Saviles of this world, on the other hand ...
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