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Irma Bunt
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It would seem?

How so?

It's all very well making statements but back them up please.
I have no snobbery towards fans of Les Mis or any other sung-musical, that has never been inferred.
I have merely picked up on comments made here, that are still here in black and white, that people who don't like sung-musicals are uneducated.

As I have said, I totally understand the passion and love for Les Mis, I myself am very passionate about certain genres and specific films but I certainly don't look down on people who don't immediately share the passion.

So please enlighten me where the inverted snobbery lies within my post.
I would submit that it lies in your use of "snotty Les Mis fans". The very use of the word "snotty' in this context betrays inverted snobbery. Or, at the very least, someone who can dish it out, but comes over all defensive when others disagree. And no-one on here has alleged that anyone who dislikes sung-through musicals is uneducated.
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