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I would submit that it lies in your use of "snotty Les Mis fans". The very use of the word "snotty' in this context betrays inverted snobbery. Or, at the very least, someone who can dish it out, but comes over all defensive when others disagree. And no-one on here has alleged that anyone who dislikes sung-through musicals is uneducated.
The word "snooty" is rightly given to posters such as Kolin Klingon who in post number #515 mentions keeping the uneducated out of the theatre - this is in direct reference to people who were not totally aware of the fully-sung nature of Les Mis.

He then mentions it again in post #519 on the same page - along with the accusation that we're like bleating sheep and highlighting our own ignorance.

Still if you, as a mature 50something gentleman, are happy to condone his sanctimonious views then more fool you.
Personally i prefer to keep an open mind and let people view what they want to and make their own mind up.

By your username i presume you're a Bond fan, as am i - a very big Bond fan. I loved Skyfall but accept that some audience members hated it for various reasons. I don't agree with them but i certainly wouldn't spout off on here that they're uneducated and they should clear their minds, or make statements like "If you don't like Bond movies like Skyfall - don't go and see them".
Excuse me but how exactly can someone decide if they like something without seeing it???

Perhaps it's Kolin Klingon who needs a little education.
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