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He was definitely a big star at the time - I was trying to remember the name of the show he used to do on ITV at the weekends where he had warm up acts that were shown, one of which was Freddie Star. I'm thinking early to mid 90s at the latest...anyone any idea what it was called? I'm thinking it might have been on a Sunday evening (like before or after Heartbeat ) and there was alot of audience participation and I remember a really long sketch with Barrymore (or/and maybe a dance troupe or something?) involving some zany song to do with moles lol which isn't much to go on but I was fairly young at the time and ended up in fits of giggles - thats all I can remember(!). It was either that or Russ Abbot but im pretty sure it was Barrymore, Abbot was on a Monday evening wasn't he?

I remember watching a few episodes of whichever show that was but I don't have any recordings, sorry... (don't mind me(!)).
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