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I think the song worked very well when played with the title sequence, if that makes sense. Not one of the best Bond songs (doesnt seem as good when played "outside" the film to me), but better than Another Way to Die!
I get what you mean but I think the song deserves more recognition than that. I think the song will go down as one of the classics in the collection through the years...

But than that, it has a wonderful rhythm, it's very atmospheric, and Adele is a good singer, and British!

It's quite comparable to Diamonds are Forever in it's feeling and for me it's a great throwback.

I dislike the Adele song (although i will admit that it does play better with the opening titles in the film, as much as i dislike Adele in general), but i have to agree that it is leaps and bounds better than Another Way to Die, but that's still not saying much considering that someone farting down a microphone for 3 minutes is better than that travesty of a Bond theme.
Another Way To Die... a good track in itself but for me it is a Bond theme in nothing but name. Took me ages to warm to it
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