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What's it like being in the audience on dancing on ice - the main series, (rather than the tour).

What time does the show (ie warm-ups etc) start, what do people do in breaks/intervals, is there a bar/food etc?

Are you allowed to take your mobile in ( I think they're banned on Strictly)

Is it really noisy (and are you made to clap??)

Any info most welcome!
You have to queue for hrs to get in, no toilets until the portaloos arrive late on, then you get into a community centre where you can buy hot drinks, strictly no food/drink allowed in studio (you get searched so dont try to hide anything) although there's usually a bottle of water provided when you get in.
No bar unless you're with the cast
Phones are allowed but must be switched off before entering the studio, anyone caught using phone gets a warning caught twice and you'll either get chucked out or phone confiscated
You do get told to clap/shout etc
You don't do much during add breaks, warm up guy comes on for a bit before show plus any little VT clips get filmed.
Half time you can leave your seat to use the loo, try not to as queue massive and you might miss getting a donut
You do get ushered about by the staff and have to do exactly as they tell you!
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