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I thinks you've misinterpreted what I've said Graham.
Edward gave a scenario which is pretty much as how I use my current Freeview PVR now.
So when I do decide to buy the HDR-1000s it seems that until if and when Humax fix this issue then its a little worrying that I won't be able to use it in the same way without the risk of it not recording anything.
By the time you buy one I imagine it will be fixed, it was referred to the Humax Engineers in S Korea a while ago (confirmed by the Freesat site), in any case setting autopadding eliminates the issue.

I posted the available workaround information way back in this thread.

Post 83

After 1.0.16 it became impossible to record the daily breakfast show unless you either.

Left the box on 24/7, added autopadding, created a manual recording reservation or set the box to wake up for 10 mins or so about an hour before the recording was due to start.

Without the above the box wakes up as it should 15 mins before the recording was due but fails to actually start recording.
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