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It was Barrymore who came up with the original idea for the reality show "Splash"
Ooooo, ouch!

I liked him initially but his ego got too big and he turned into a bit of a monster as he 'lost control'. What started off as good natured banter with his audience did turn into something which verged upon the abusive as his desperation grew. He was given chance after chance and kept blowing it...and this was before the Lubbock incident. His behaviour during that particular episode was despicable.

Still, there's no denying he was top bill for a number of years before it all turned sour and he must've done something right to make that work. He also had a bloody good manager with his wife, Cheryl (R.I.P.) until she could take no more.

Good luck in finding the resources you're looking for, OP.
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