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From CDAN:

The casting couch works more than one way. This B- list television and movie actor is about to move up to B+ list or even higher in the next few weeks with something that is going to be huge. His big breaks have come because even though he is straight, he is perfectly willing to sleep with another guy if it will advance his career. His biggest roles have come when he has had sex with the male producers casting for the roles.
I am stumped with this one. Haven't got a clue.
I think that this could be the British actor who is the new Superman. The talk is that this will be the best Superman movie since the first two that the 70s Man of Steel did.

Edit: Or it could be the other British actor of colour who has star billing in the upcoming big budget giant robots vs monsters movie.

Edit: Or it could be the other young British actor who likes to boot butt!!
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