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There was a story I heard a few years ago on radio, about Sebastian Coe after he won his Olympic gold.

He had been invited as guest of honour at a football match - I think it was at Wolves - and turned up at the stadium with his invitation.

"I'm sorry, sir" said the gateman, "but you've come to the wrong entrance. The VIP entrance is round the other side of the ground".

"Do you know who I am?" asked Coe, "I won the 1500 meters gold in Moscow"

"Well", said the unmoved gateman, "It won't take you long to get there, then".
If true, the gatesman deserved disiplining for that - Seb had been invited, not trying it on. Wolves management would have looked pretty silly if Seb had just thought "bollox to 'em then, I'm going home"
Does make you wonder if some celebs do get very wary of the public due to wise-guys trying it on, especially drunks trying to impress their mates.
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