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The late Danny Kaye was supposed to be a rather horrible individual.
Oh yessss. He was a very talented man but a complex personality to boot. His wife, Sylvia, was older than him and was one of the original Hollywood beards but she too was a clever person in her own right and wrote most of those quirky routines he did in his films. My uncle was a producer for a certain high rating Australian daytime TV show back in the 70's and early 80's and Danny Kaye was a special guest on the show, a highly anticipated guest spot for the week. Well, he rubbed everyone up the wrong way that he possibly could on that show, very difficult and not at all personable. When in the guest seat and they went live to air (the show was a live broadcast each day) the host began the chat and the tension between them was palpable, very icky viewing, and Kaye said to him 'why don't you forget the script and ad-lib it? the host's face was like 'what's going on!' and Kaye leaned over, grabbed the host's clipboard of questions and threw it across the studio - all on camera. Then he leaned back in his chair and the two men glared at each other....the rest of the segment was not relaxing viewing to put it mildly and the host cut it short. Uncle said during the ad break the host said to the floor manager 'get him out!'....
The host of that show is gay, as was Kaye, must have been something they did not like about each other, but Kaye was notorious for being the opposite to his on-screen persona.
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