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Honestly, Argan Oil is the best treatment for your hair.

My treatment is as follows;

Once a month I cover my hair (A very good amount) of 100% Argan oil and sleep with it. Depending on the treatment/ state of your hair, you need can increase this to once a week. I wash the next day and it leaves its feeling super soft, shiny and extra strong. You will notice a difference straight away. It also is great for dry scalp/Hair. If Split ends increase this is your hair telling you - You need a cut. This happened to me, and now I have argan oil indicating when I am due my Hair cut

Every week before I wash my hair (I wash my hair 2-3 times a week - It's very thick and long so hard to maintain/increase of washing it damages my hair!) I soak my hair with Argan oil an hour before I wash. Then wash as normal.

After washing my hair a rub tiny amounts in my hair, concentrating on the ends (1-2 drops) then blow dry/style. Day to day, depending on the frizz, I would rub some on my dry ends. Do not put it on your roots. Your ends do that job for you.

I swear by it. I have used MoroccanOil but then heard horror stories about the rip off treatment the company does to berber women working for the project, so I buy mine directly from Morocco, supporting the berber women as a cause. Its much cheaper, pure and more effective. MoroccanOil works very well, but Argan Oil (100% Pure) is AMAZING, works amazingly well and better then the chemically infused products. Yes it stinks (Kind of like a very strong sesame oil) on your hair, but I never smelt it, especially since I use it before I wash. Its a natural deep conditioner so you can use it before you wash. To be honest even on my day to day use, I do not smell it in my hair.

If you ever go Holidaying in morocco, be sure to buy it - it's so cheap (around 5 pounds 500ml a bottle) but be sure to pack it in your suitcase. Note the Argan tree only comes from Morocco - so there is alot of rip off companies saying they sell it when in fact it isnt argan oil at all.

Try and ensure you do not use it on your face too much, this is a little misleading as I know there are two versions of argan oil, one for the face, another for the hair, I believe the difference is filtering, (The face argan oil is much more filtered and uses different parts of the argan tree.) In which I have that version and that too is great!
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