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I don't get why people dislike her so much. From what I've seen on her on TV and everything, yeah she's an attention seeker but she's not actually a horrible person. I've not seen her be horrible to anyone so I don't know why she deserves all this hate.

She's like 22 or something isn't she? She's been a 'star' so to speak since she was a child and probably had everything she wanted in life so I don't really see it being her fault as she doesn't know any different. I just don't understand why so many of you are so spiteful towards her when there's plenty of girls her age who are exactly the same. Like I said before, at least she's not a horrible person to people!
I don't think anyone here has said she IS horrible.

BiB - exactly what I said ^.

She's silly and very ignorant, but that doesn't make her nasty - BUT.....that bloody pout drives me up the wall and a lot of others apparently.
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