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I've met Brian. He was lovely. Maybe he was just having an off day. Not long after he won Celeb Stars in their Eyes performing as Pavarotti, he did a signing in Milton Keynes shopping centre and sang Nessun Dorma. Whole place shook at the foundations.
I've also met him several times, professionally and socially. I've never found him to be anything other than charming. LOUD, certainly. And his sense of humour is wicked. But absolutely charming.

A good many years back I bumped into him at a charity event organised by work friends. It was advertised as a "bring your granny" party, and I took my mum and aunt along. They were not amused when they found that bit out . BB was there in a private capacity as a friend of one of the party hosts, and certainly not expected to "do a turn" as a celebrity guest. He recognised me from a recording he had done months before and came over to chat. I introduced him to mum and aunt Jean, and somehow they got talking about yoga (my mum is a yoga practitioner, and apparently BB is too). I think they spent a good half an hour talking about yoga and meditation, and mum was utterly enchanted by him.

A couple of years after that I bumped into him again at another party, and he boomed at me, "Ah, you're the chap whose mother does yoga!". He asked me if I wanted a drink, and fetched me a G&T that I suspect had never even seen a bottle of tonic water. It nearly killed me.
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