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Can you give tangible examples of attractive female celebs who are unfairly targeted on here 'just' for being attractive?

For example, Imogen Thomas is attractive - but she's also someone who openly targeted married men so is subsequently criticised.

Cheryl Cole is attractive but is criticised for having a mediocre singing voice and for her chequered background.

Myleene Klass is attractive but is hugely bland and very patronising in her approach; for example writing a book for new Mothers like she was the only woman to have ever given birth.

Helen Flanagan - the subject of this thread: A pretty girl, but dozy, vacuous and dense and whose main contribution to society seems to be flopping her norks out and pouting.

Then you have attractive female celebrities like for example Cate Blanchett and January Jones who are relatively liked and not targeted with negativity because they keep themselves to themselves and have a tangible talent.

It's all subjective.
You go girl.

The post you answered was typical trouble-making pontification.
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