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Whether a new user would have problems is down to the way they use the box. If left in sby for long periods then yes an average user would have problems. If they came home from work at say 17:00 and only recorded content in the evenings then they wouldn't notice the problem. In fairness the major problems appeared recently with the change of firmware from v6 to v16, so were unlikely to come to light easily. If you buy a box the last thing most would do is set a load of recordings and leave it alone for 8 days. . If you look at the Freesat forum threads you will see that I suggested weeks ago that problems would happen if boxes were left in extended sby. On V6 that looked like periods in excess of 7 days.

By the way the Youview box was/is far from perfect as well.

Every new pvr I ever had was the same, the Topfield was very troublesome for months by the way, and is now regarded as the best SD pvr ever.
It really shouldn't be this way though. We all know that lots of companies use the public as unofficial beta testers. However, most do tend to remedy faults quickly as they don't want to damage their customer base. One exception to that would be Sky as they take ages to remedy EPG quirks. What I would say though is the faults I have had with my Sky+HD box are minor compared to this current Freesat box. Now Fringe has finished I have zero Sky programmes in my planner. I think I may get this Freesat box but keep my Sky sub going whilst I test the Humax as I often leave my Sky box recording unattended for a week at a time. From what you are saying this may produce issues.
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