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lets pick up a few issues great houses with julian felloes may even be included in the downton abbey contract for all we know plus its up against a bbc banker on a night when the bbc alwaysd dominate. in terms of mr selfridge itv and its partners will look at more than pure ratings including types of viewers demographic repeat and worldwide sale value and we are awarethat x factor 2012 wasnt the strongest ever and what beaten most weeks nad now to the nta by scd. none of these point to an itv crisis. so please lighten up samuel and take a chill pill and be positive about itv for a change and stop seeing the bbc through rose tinted glasses as if you are sucking up to them for some reason whatever that is as you seem to be a very loneely man not only in life but also in terms of the forum with you damnational blastsd about how diabolical itv is these days when it isnt it just behaves differently to the way it used to and also to the bbc
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