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I'm not a producer or editor so I wouldn't know where to start. From a listeners point of view I just know that the show as it is too juvenile for me. There have been too many features on there that are more suited to a commercial radio breakfast show than on the BBC's news and sport station. I much preferred it when Fi Glover , Nick Robinson or even Anita Armand presented it.

I want to know what's making the headlines that day and the next , I couldn't give a monkey's what 'somebody from somwhere' has been doing sung to the tune of a song from Pirates of Penzance!

I know it needs to be more lightweight at that time of the day, but there's too much prattle and not enough actually telling the story of the day.

In a perfect world I would bring the template from what the afternoon show used to be like with Simon Mayo, oh and bring Simon Mayo too!
I agree, Mayo only left because of the Salford move and as we know they Mayo exceptions for a certain female presenter who thinks she is bigger than the station.

I also miss the gabby cabbie on Up all Night, don't know why he got the push. The World footie phone in is good even though I'm not a big footie fan.

Dotun is OK when he's not trying to be funny.
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