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I was surprised to hear that one of the guys on death row saw someone get stabbed 42 times right in front of him. How does that happen when everyone on death row is locked up for most of the day or only let out while cuffed? Who supplies them with a knife given they don't come into contact with anyone else?

I can understand how that kind of thing can happen in the lower security areas where there was a dorm like situation with prisoners walking around freely, but not on death row.

The dorm-like area was actually scary. I remember watching another documentary where some young lad got put in jail for a few weeks and he was terrified that someone would knife him in the night as the dorm was split into rival, dangerous gangs. Maybe it's safer to be alone in a cell!

And that guy Sanford has really learnt the art of looking at the bright side of life!

I liked Trevor's interviewing style - not dramatic or trying to be funny or provocative.
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