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I didn't say they'd been targeted "just" for being attractive did i ?.

Sure, my statement probably did imply just that, so a little more elaboration probably would have helped, but then I've been reading the Showbiz forum long enough to know that there is a definite pattern - and no, i'm not going to trawl back through years of posts to even attempt to prove it because i'm just making an observation.

but i do agree with you about the subjectivity of it though. whichever female celebrity has caught the eye of the tabloids for some reason will, more often than not, also catch the eye of the showbiz forum for similar reasons.
You have summed it up perfectly there yourself. Whoever is getting publicity in the tabloids will be talked about here. It doesn't matter if the person is the most stunning woman on the planet or ugly as a horse's arse, ultimately they will be picked apart and either liked or disliked based on their personality.

You know you can refer to me directly you know . As I said, I was merely making an observation - I have no intention of starting trouble.

It is, however, interesting to me how defensive many Showbiz FM's get whenever the notion is suggested though
It's because the notion is incredibly antagonistic in a passive aggressive manner. I tend to not take people who use it seriously as it shows all the maturity of those who trot out the "you're only jealous line" It shows a complete lack of depth of thought and anyone who has to resort to such silly generalisations isn't really worth getting worked up about
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