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No what I meant was if she was an actual horrible person then I would understand why she was so disliked but she hasn't harmed anyone in anyway, well not with intention anyway. Yeah I'll say she's an attention seeker and ditsy but she doesn't mean any harm by it really does she? You just have to walk down your local high street and see many girls exactly like her but obviously the difference is she's in the public eye and they're not.
That's pretty much what everyone else has said so what's the problem? You can't take the moral high ground when you are criticising her for same things! No one is wishing harm on her or throwing hate her way. They wish she would grow the hell up and save herself further embarrassment by doing it in private.

Given her mental health, it would probably do her the world of good to take some serious time out from the public eye but she's an adult and that's a decision that she has to make for herself. If she doesn't and continues to act like a shallow, empty headed attention seeker, then that's what she's going to be called.
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