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I'm really not sure what point you are trying to make - but try explaining those statistics to the kids. I'm sure it will help them in trying to accept new boy.
That he should think twice about criticising her for her revolving door love life with a child in the home when he was one of those revolving door men different from Leo or Kieran. Did he give a thought about confused Harvey might have been after watching Pete be swiftly replacing Scott, then Matt after Dwight? No-one's saying it's a good situation..but spare us the "I'm furious for the kids" drip-feed , Pete. You knew what she was like and you jumped on then off the stepdaddy/fame circus bandwagon gladly like all the others - and you had no issue with being 'the lastest new daddy figure' in the house, then.

So the ex wife has two failed relationships. It's not the world's biggest crime...and yet thanks to you and your management company, it's your young daughter than find herself on the subject matter the front cover of Now, so you can gain yet more sympathy. For once, just once, leave the kids out of it - they can read now. I notice KP got a payout from a magazine recently after the kids saw something on a front cover involving them and were distressed about it - so publicity surrounding them affect them. He needs to leave the kids out of this...and stop being such a hypocrite.

Poor kid, I feel for Princess. She has a new home set up to come to terms with, thelast thing she needs is to feel she has incurred some sort of wrath in her father, splashed all over the magazines. I say wrath, because when children are used in the war between parents, they will always blame themselves.
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