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I don't think there's any way of conclusively proving whether these so-called 'friends' were speaking with or without Pete's authority. For me LAO's brilliant post put forth a very convincing argument for giving him the benefit of the doubt this time. What we can see is that he hasn't responded to Kate's statement so if the press were trying to whip up an ongoing public fight between them they've been disappointed.

Meanwhile he was at the NTAs last night with Emily looking understandably a little strained but getting on with life.

Momma, I sort of agree with you on about the wit but you manage to combine it with being so warm-hearted and wise and always look for the best in people. Clone enough of you and we'll probably have world peace by Christmas
I think if it hadn't come from Pete's camp, he could have issued a swift dismissal. That speaks volumes to me, unfortunately - it's the work on CAN, they have no respect for the children, sadly, then it comes to bashing their ex-client. So I'm not giving them the benefit of the doubt on this one. (and given that it comes from your own management, if what has been drip fed is unpopular, you can always deny it any everyone is none the wiser )

Can I joint in the Momma love too and echo your sentiments? Waves at Momma - hiya xxxx
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