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I recently bought a 2nd hand KIA (2007) and I adore it. But over the last few days I could smell a burning smell from the back of the car when sat in a queue or when i got home / work.

I then did some research online, and it turned out it was the DPF. The trouble is, like anything you research online from stomach aches (probably dying) to headaches (probably dying) I am now a little concerned.

A lot of people have said that you shouldn't even consider a new (ish) diesel car if you aren't travelling a lot. It certainly shouldn't be used as a 'run around'.

So - does anyone here who drives a diesel car worry about this, and do you just use it around town ? Has this DPF filter caused any problems ? Do you occasionally take it out on a longer run and give it a bit of welly on the dual carriageway ?
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