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But seriously, some of the things I heard last night on Talksport (I know, my fault!) and would have thought Operation Yewtree was involved. I know it's because it's Chelsea it gets amplified, I get that, but to say and print a grown man has abused a child...brutality....assault just not on.
Indeed, it is refreshing that actually the football community here (99.9% of them) has been sensible on here where the UK media has been utterly ridiculous.

As a CFC fan, im going to try and see through the spin when next time (and there will be a next time) Suarez of Liverpool or Rooney of United basically gets slaughtered by the agenda based media. (which i have recognized and stated many times in this forum)

It IS an incident that warrants a red card, but it was done and dusted. It is not a front page story.
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