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Me and my OH said that last night. If it had been Suarez or Rooney, it would have been over amplified as well by the media and football forums, I was expecting that on here this morning, so am pleasantly surprised.
Ironically, i think if the media had just have reported it with a little less hyperbole and exaggeration, that Hazard and CFC would be getting a lot more pelters on here.

But it is because of the complete and utter overreaction of the media: A talk radio station comparing the incident to kicking a toddler in the face in the street etc, that i think that a sensible path has been trodden. I really think that some of the opinions in the media are bordering on being actionable.

Thank goodness this oik tweeted about his premeditated actions before he did them! I dread to think of the reaction and headlines if he had not.

It says it all when a completely partisan, anonymous banter based internet football forum is the place for sensible and well considered opinion where the tabloids and broadcast media are squeezing this story for all their greedy little mits and paid for soundbites can get from it.
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