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I'm confused.

As much as marrying someone after six weeks or so is a dumb thing to do, surely this new husband was living in the home prior to him signing a little bit of paper. Why does being married change it for their (Peter and Katie's) kids? Why didn't he moan about it six weeks ago? I'm not sticking up for the woman, she's a disaster zone, but how does it help Princess to suddenly be the focus for this and be on the front of the cheap glossies? At the VERY least, Katie put a stop to that. I mean... who is the bad parent here? The one who is a little too dependent on marriage and love and all the ideals, or the one who makes money pimping his kids out to paparazzi?
Wasn't it the other one who was living in the home - Leandro No-habla-ingles? This is an even newer upgrade (or downgrade, we shall see). The kids have had to live with Alex Reid, Leandro & Kev, from 2010 to now.
Yes, that's KP's problem, those ideals!
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