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They did it again on Wake U To Money this morning cutting off the last item just as it was getting interesting
Tbf, with the sports news at 5.30 , it doesn't get the full half hour. Why dont they shorten the news as they do on a Sunday and include the sports desk as part of that half hour.
The non league football show gets a 5.30 start this way
I woke early & drifted in and out of sleep to WU2M missed the squeeze on changeover to burden but unfortunately heading to 7:00 yet again interviewee (and was def on phone
not in studio) talking very interesting about rare dog breeds got interrupted mid sentence burden bumped out of conversation for NC to burst in about inbreeding argument.....
It is so off putting to listen to if they could only switch roles properly it would be so much better.

When Nicky is good he's very good but often just wants to make a bold statement for dramatic effect

Your call this hour talking about a football player kicking a ball boy......jeeezz....yawnnn...
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