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stop starting is fine. it's the engine speed not the speed of the car.

i assume when you say 8 miles you mean 2x4miles? either way 4 miles, especially in traffic, is going to get the engine thoroughly hot.
No sorry, My fault for the way I wrote it. Its 8 miles one way, then home again. This is 5 days a week. So 16 miles a day.

I also tend to drive quite sedately to save diesel. I don't give the car much welly at all. My husband now thinks i should be a little more aggressive to blow the soot out and accelerate from junctions a little harder. He thinks the extra small amount of diesel used is worth it, as it might stop the DPF being a problem. Previously i changed gear to move into 5th / 6th as soon as possible, but we are now thinking that I should be driving in a higher gear to give it some blow.

Am I making any sense at all ?
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