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Where did I say that?

& what's with the rolling eyes?

You made the point that it was nonsense that he 'knew how she lives her life' and I pointed out that it was far from nonsense.

Quite aside from the Katie/Jordan 'split personality' - anyone with an ounce of sense could see they were one and the same.

It always amuses me when people make PA out to be some sort of beatific saint who was so in love he completely failed to realise his ex was a skank and who is such a naive innocent always believing the best in people...

Then you see him dry humping KP on screen, acting like a dog on heat and suddenly history rewrites itself....
It's nonsense that 'he knew how she lived her life" is being used to relate to something that's happening now. KP's behaviour with moving in men is being put onto PA, and the excuse - that he knew what she was like. I don't think he would have touched her with a bargepole if he could have seen into their future. That isn't making him out to be a saint at all.
Why should he not criticise her moving in men? Because he knew what she was like? No, it doesn't make sense, that's why I eye-rolled.
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