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With a Diesel car that only does short jouneys without going on the Motorway you need to occasionaly drive the car using slightley higher revs say using 3rd gear instead of 4th. Driving like this is about allowing the car to generate heat in the exhaust to allow the soot to be burnt off in the DPF. Sometimes if you are in traffic when the DPF regeneration is being carried out you can smell something is running very hot.
for sure, but that is the process working as intended. showing you don't need to be on the motorway for it to happen.

people do rave about the importance of the motorway, but my merc is doing 1300 revs at motorway speed. in traffic it gets much hotter.

if she was only going to get a paper every day i'd agree with you. but 8miles in traffic twice a day will have it running hot.
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