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This is where I got my (perhaps daft) theory from:-

When the soot loading in the filter reaches a set limit (about 45%) the ECU can make small adjustments to the fuel injection timing to increase the exhaust temperature and initiate regeneration. If the journey is a bit stop/start the regeneration may not complete and the warning light will come on to show that the filter is partially blocked.

It should be possible to start a complete regeneration and clear the warning light by driving for 10 minutes or so at speeds greater than 40mph.

If you ignore the warning light and keep driving in a relatively slow, stop/start pattern soot loading will continue to build up until around 75% when you can expect to see other dashboard warning lights come on too. At this point driving at speed alone will not be enough and you will have to take the car to a dealer for regeneration.

On cars with a very high sixth gear the engine revs may be too low to generate sufficient exhaust temperature for regeneration. Occasional harder driving in lower gears should be sufficient to burn off the soot in such cases.
that's all grand but pulling off the lights like a lune once or twice a day wont make any difference. that wont 'blow' the soot out. the process happens over a sustained period, not in a few seconds.

i believe that the way you are driving it should be fine. if the warning light does come on then get yourself on the motorway at 70mph in one less than top gear. but i think the way you are driving it should be fine for you to not have to think about it.
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