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well i finally got a reply from Humax to my email...

Dear Mr Dyer,

We are aware of an issue like this; whereby the box fails to switch on during the day - to record scheduled in programmes. We are releasing a software update at the start of February to resolve this issue. Is this the specific issue you are having? If so, pleas accept my apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.

In the meantine, we can recommend performing a manual reset of the box - this sometimes resolves these issues. The instructions are below.

Press the "settings" button on your remote control
Use the arrow keys to select System settings.
Once in this you will see Factory default.
Press OK to select this.
Select Yes to confirm this, and enter your pin code which is 0000 as default.

The box will reboot itself and then you will go through the initial set up again (as if performing it for the first time.) Follow the on screen instructions.

If you have any problems please contact us. Hopefully this will resolve your issues, should they continue please either give me an email, or give us a call back.

Best Regards,

Stephen D

Humax Customer Support
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