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I'm talking about how she was at the time they met. A glorified stripper with squillions of kiss and tells behind her. Someone whose 'books' were littered with exposes of past lovers and their 'acorns'. If he'd had an ounce of sense at the time he would have run a mile - nothing to do with seeing into the future.
I do agree that he has every right to criticise her actions now as it will be deeply affecting their kids - but it does make me chuckle when people paint PA as whiter than white. Lest we forget, one of his exes is Mel B - hardly a shrinking violet either
Then we're talking about 2 different things. I was replying to the post below:

Indeed If you compare Harvey and Junior and Princess in terms of KP's partners....then technically Peter is no different from new husband Kieran in that he was the third lover her kid had known and he swiftly moved in on on KP when she was living with someone else. So it makes me laugh when he (sometimes via his management company to keep his paws clean) had the audacity to criticise her rapid turnover of relationships.

That's not really the point I'm trying to make - more that he knows what he was getting himself in for as he's been in the exact same situation of KP's men in the past 11 years - move in swifty, become stepdaddy, move out, get fame. Why does he think it's ok to criticise her now when the way KP lives her life it suited him down the the ground when it was his "go"? She hasn't changed. If she had become someone different, he might have a point but I'll never understand why PA complains about what he once embraced..and once was.
^ As above, it's not about him knowing he was marrying a page 3 girl not an angel. It's about him being bashed for criticising her NOW, because he married her THEN. That's why I said 'he knew' was nonsense.

PA has been around the block, he's had loads of women, he says so himself. Nobody is trying to make out otherwise.
As far as we know he's been faithful whilst married, and hasn't moved women into the kid's house. So he isn't being hypocritical.
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