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I dont watch ITV SD anymore. I'm HD only as my region has local news on the HD channel as do many others. Why would I watch the SD channel? I know I'm not alone.
HD and +1 channels were up about 1pct from last year. But Itv1 still down 7pct. So overall reach is still down a lot from 12 months ago.

In order to get big ratings, itv needs the non soap/hardcore itv audiences to watch the channel. Year by year these non typical itv viewers are watching the channel less and less, audience reach is slipping a lot. And this is seen by the lower ratings itv keeps getting and beaten by bbc1 10-plus days in a row at 9oclock!

NTAs down a million or more from most previous years. Manchester united FA Cup replay matches only getting 5million instead of 6million. The list goes on...
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