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13.1b profit and the shareholders aint happy, they do realise that half the world was either in recession or just ciming out of it last year dont they, jeez what i would give just to have 1% of that profit
historically Apples success has been very fragile..... years of Boom (mostly with Jobs at the helm) followed by years of Bust (mostly without Jobs at the helm).

Lots of factors are causing concerns at the mo I would think:
1) No Steve Jobs
2) The rise of Android
3) The rise of Samsung
4) The lack of excitement around the iPhone5
5) The lack of excitement around the iPad Mini
6) Various political issues in the US around stock markets in general

As various people have stated Apple tend to release a 'wow' product every few years and are probably 'due' one fairly soon. If they manage to create a new 'wow' market then shares will rocket again. If they dont then the share will settle somewhere, probably lower than they currently are.

Im not sure where the 'wow' product will come from though ...
Apple TV ? is there really much more they can do than Smart TVs and Tivos ?
iWatch ? another rumour but there are already plenty on the market
Bigger iPhone (Math ??) ? I really dont believe this one but if its true it will be less than inspiring.

All of the above look much more like catch-up than innovation but what Apple have previously been great at is finding a 'new' area .... lets see what the next 12 months brings .....
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