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One of the worst ever National Television Awards ratings yesterday, only 5.5million and beaten by BBC1 once again in the flagship 9pm slot.

Proof that there is a ratings problem at itv. This is the kind of show which used to get 6.5m viewers or more year after year. But with audiences not watching Itv as much in the last 6months as before, the rating for NTA was down almost a million from its usual ratings. Itv will be wondering if audiences will ever return to watching the channel. Audience reach for last week according to was only 71pct compared to 78pct for the same week last year. More than 3million people in the population have simply stopped watching itv in the last 12 months.
You really are a Troll. Coronation street on Monday got over 10m with Lewis over 6m. over 5m for National TV Awards is good with a fantastic documentry on BBC 1 at the same time. Every program on Sunday got over 5m against strong BBC 1 programs. And ITV also won primetime last night.

ITV is not in crisis. even though you say BBC 1 has won every program at 9 O'clock doesn't mean a program doesn't have good ratings
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