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If Itv+1 and Itv hd reach is up 1pct, and itv1 reach is down 7pct, it means overall itv [including hd and +1] reach is still down a lot.

Ive already commented on Lewis and said its doing well this series, as well as the soaps. Even though everything on Itv was above 5million on Sunday night, when you look at it in more detail, its not so good news. Dancing on ice got some of its worst ever ratings, family fortunes doing ok but Mr Selfridge is not quite the success Itv were hoping for. Whether or not you think crisis is the right word to descrive the situation, it is clear there is still a ratings problem going on at Itv. Viewing share, viewing reach, audiences, top talent show ratings are all down from previous years. New drama and comedies not rating so well, almost all factual is rating below 3million. With new shows, Splash ironically is one bit of good ratings [but not reputational] news from first few weeks of this year, a show which I tipped for success 6 months ago
Yes but its not just ITV other channels to are having the same trend. Casualty isn't the force it once was. Britains Brightest is not getting ratings the BBC hoped for. Same as Channel 4. Friends used to get 6m on a friday now look what some shows get.

5m+ for a drama now is very good. a 5.5m for national tv Awards while a popular documentry is on BBC 1 is also very good. Remember gone are the days when we only had 3 channels. Now most people have 40 at least.
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